Mission Statement

At Kooz.com, our goal is to bring our 27yrs of international trade expertise and worldwide products to your fingertips with major discounted products on new to market items and trends that offer fun, functionality and practicality.
Our products are proven winners developed and already offered in other countries or original products from your specific country where the product trend may have been invented.

Trade Services

Kooz Concepts International - Global Sourcing And Marketing Solutions
Are you a company, inventor or individual that has a concept, or a product that is need of overseas sourcing, manufacturing and marketing? Do you need help in consumer markets here in the United States and abroad?

Kooz Concepts International can help you achieve success levels with more than 27 yrs. of product knowledge and product development. Through the relationships we have built in international markets, as well as using the existing companies that we manage, we can help get your product to market!
Our experience derives from many years of live product demonstrations in front of live audiences and extensive experience on national live television, such as Home Shopping channels.

Our sourcing, manufacturing, and importing capabilities for products, has grown to the point that we can provide great opportunities in consulting services to others.

Relationships in business is our business!

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